Welcome to Planet Jupiter!

By scanning QR codes positioned on lamppost banners at various landmarks - starting at the Science Centre, through the city centre, Dudhope Park and up to the Dundee Law - you can explore the fascinating facts of our planets.

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Welcome to Jupiter


You have reached the largest and the fifth planet in our solar system. Jupiter is mostly made up of gases and is known as a Gas Giant. You might have noticed a big red spot on the pictures of the planet, this is called the Great Red Spot and it’s actually a huge storm which has raged on for at least 350 years. Jupiter is so large that just this spot could fit three Earths inside!

While Earth has one moon, Jupiter has 79 known moons. One of its moon is also the largest moon in the solar system – Ganymede (it’s slightly smaller than Mars).

Distance: Jupiter is 778.5 million km away from the sun!

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