Welcome to Planet Saturn!

By scanning QR codes positioned on lamppost banners at various landmarks - starting at the Science Centre, through the city centre, Dudhope Park and up to the Dundee Law - you can explore the fascinating facts of our planets.

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Welcome to Saturn


You have reached the second gas giant in our solar system; you might be familiar with Saturn as the planet with the rings around it. These rings are made up of billions of small particles, dust, rock and ice, which have been drawn into Saturn’s orbit. It’s not the only planet with rings, but it definitely has the most extensive rings of all the planets.

Much like Jupiter, Saturn has many, many moons, including one called Titan. Titan is the only moon in the solar system known to have clouds and a thick atmosphere, just like a planet. However, it also rains methane – so you probably wouldn’t like to live there…

Distance: Saturn is 1.434 billion km away from the sun!

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