Getting Started

As part of the Dundee Science Festival embark on our Solar System Trail through the city of Dundee and follow the planets on this 4.5 km walk.

Have you ever wondered how far away the planets are from each other? So if we scaled the Earth right down into a size of a marble, you will walk the distance of the planets in our Solar System.

Starting at Dundee Science Centre, where you will find the Sun's QR code, scan each QR code on lamppost banners at various landmarks through the city centre, Dudhope Park and up to the Dundee Law.

Scan your first QR code anywhere along this route to get started.

Once you have scanned them all enter our Prize Draw!

Step 1 - Find The QR Code

Starting at Dundee Science Centre find your first QR code to scan. The first QR code is the Sun.

Step 2 - Scan The QR Code

Scan the QR code and you will be able read about the planet and understand more about how far it is from the sun.

Step 3 - Rescan The QR Code

Follow the instructions below the planet's description and you will find directions and a map to the next planet!

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